Weekly News — 3/21/2018

 St. Thomas Announcements… March 21st –28th

 This Week’s Highlights ….

Need some helpers…on Saturday, at 10 a.m. (at the Route 53 campus) to help fill the Easter eggs for the children’s Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Worship Opportunities:  This Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Pastor Jeremiah will deliver his Palm Sunday message entitled, “The Lord Needs It & Pressing Toward the Goal”. His scripture references are Mark 11:1-11 and Philippians 3:12-21.  As we gather for this final worship service at the Route 53 campus the service will include confirming our three youth.  It will be followed by an all church potluck brunch, so plan now what special treat you want to bring to add to the festivities. If you would like to do so, you could bring your own place setting (plate, glass, silverware, etc.), to minimize the time required following the brunch for clean-up.

In appreciation for the years that St. Thomas has welcomed the chorus to rehearse here, members of the Village Vocal Chords will be serving and cleaning-up for this meal so that all St. Thomas members can join in the time of fellowship.  They will be in the kitchen Sunday morning at 9:30 to receive your food donation and get instructions for heating, refrigerating, serving (or eating LOL).  Following the brunch our mission team will head down to central Illinois to serve at Midwest Mission Distribution Center.  Your monetary donations purchased for the center 7 cases of needed supplies:  aerosol spray (for the flood buckets) and rulers, notebooks, crayons, glue sticks and dry erase erasers (for the school bags) .

New Name badges and giving envelopes:  As we merge to form a new congregation, the Transition Team is inviting those who will be remaining with the congregation to do two things. First, if you know you will be remaining, please let Jacquie know via return email asap that you would like a name badge, with the information noted below.  Also, if you are planning to make contributions to the congregation April 1 or after, please indicate if you would like a booklet of giving envelopes.

Name(s) as you would like it printed



BACK:   Pin?  _____        OR        Clasp? _____

I would like a giving envelope booklet:  Yes     OR       No

Your requests will be forwarded to the downtown congregation as soon as they are received.  The folks downtown will get as many name tags and giving envelope booklets ready as possible for the April 1 service.


St. Thomas furniture and properties:  Relative to the various furniture and properties at the Route 53 campus, we need to clarify what happens as we are moving forward with our merger.  As a merged congregation, all supplies, furniture and other properties currently at the Route 53 campus are now the property of the merged church.  That means anything that is currently located at the Route 53 campus may be moved to the downtown campus if there is a need for it there. Religious artifacts not needed in the downtown campus will become the property of the Northern Illinois Conference for use in assisting churches who may need these items.   Items NOT needed at the downtown campus will be available for sale to the current members of the Route 53 campus on a first come/ first served basis. When those items become available, we will make an announcement that they are available. Any items left AFTER that will be sold at a community rummage sale, date to be determined, but possibly in early to mid-May.

If there is something in the building that you would like to buy, you will be offered the opportunity to do so AFTER items have been moved to the downtown campus.  In the meantime, if you have items you would like to purchase, you can reserve them by letting Jacquie know:

  • the item
  • where it is currently located in the building
  • the price you are offering for that item, (knowing that St. Thomas will continue to have monthly bills while the church property is being packed and moved)

Prayer Requests:  This week we pray …

  • For healing and successful treatments for those dealing with health concerns and for those dealing specifically with cancer.
  • For the caregivers, who help and support those needing their assistance.
  • For these dealing with the loss of a loved-one. This week we especially pray for the Village Vocal Chords members in the loss of a long time member.
  • For the St. Thomas congregation, praying that we will be guided by God’s hand as we move forward, doing His work in the world wherever we are planted.
  • For racial healing and political reconciliation throughout our country.
  • For those dealing with the heartache of addictions, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • For those dealing with natural disasters in their home states.

Holy Week Events

 Sunday, March 25 – Palm Sunday

10:00 a.m.          Worship Service (w/Children’s Sunday School), including confirmation of our youth.

11:30 a.m.          ALL CHURCH POTLUCK BRUNCH

1:00 p.m.            Mission Team leaves for Midwest Mission Distribution Center (return on Wednesday)

Thursday, March 29 – Maundy Thursday,

7:00 p.m.            worship at the downtown campus

Friday, March 30 – Good Friday

7:00 p.m.            worship at the downtown campus

Sunday, April 1 – Easter

8:30 a.m.            Easter Breakfast and Children’s egg hunt at the Route 53 campus

10:30 a.m.          Easter Worship at the downtown campus


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